The story… / L’histoire…

Gavroche is a character from the novel Les Misérables by Victor Hugo. In the famous musical and amazing eponym book, Gavroche is mischievous and very self-confident. Despite his saucy exterior however, he can often be sensitive and caring towards others, and it is also made clear that Gavroche is in fact quite clever and street-smart, as he has survived many years by himself on the streets of Paris.

He is not afraid of the rocky road to democracy because he truely believes in freedom, liberty and independence. That’s why he shares the revolutionary ideas of the post French Revolution civil war and also helps to build the barricade and warns Marius, bonapartist/ex-royalist, to be careful on it.

For young and adult English language learners, acquiring French Language can often look like a  long and treacherous process, full of pitfalls. That’s why Gavroche is here for!

In French, Gavroche has come to mean « street urchin »


Gavroche est un personnage de l’oeuvre de Victor Hugo Les Misérables. Aussi bien dans la fameuse comédie musicale que dans le livre éponyme, Gavroche fait preuve d’une audace enfantine et d’une grande confiance en lui. Malgré son aspect grivois,